Sponsorship of CB Marbella of 1st National Men's Division

Sponsorship Commercial Park La Cañada CB Marbella for the season 2016-2017

Parque comercial La Cañada has presented the agreement through which the commercial center becomes the main sponsor of CB Marbella for the season 2016-2017

In the main square, next to the Luz de Luna Cafeteria, many curious people went to get a closer look at the new features presented by the azulón club.
With the presence of the Mayor of Marbella, Don José Bernal; Javier Moreno, as representative of the Parque Comercial La Cañada; Enrique Agüera, president of CB Marbella; And Ricardo Bandrés, Delegate in Málaga and Vice-President of the Federación Andaluza de Baloncesto, the event was full of good words and best wishes, given the great support that the commercial park gives azulón club during this campaign.
Pepe Bernal was pleased that a brand like La Cañada "support a project that will surely drive the sport in our city, especially basketball." For his part, Enrique Agüera was "satisfied for many reasons, but above all because our club is linked to a large company such as La Cañada, which in addition to giving us prestige will do a great social work with our players." And is that thanks to the contribution that will be given this season, "our players will pay significantly less in their quotas of the year and the sport in CB Marbella will be more accessible to all."
Javier Moreno, representative of Parque Comercial La Cañada, explained that "since several dates we presented the project to collaborate with them we knew that it would be good for everyone. It is something exciting and that makes us surrender to everything they may need. " Finally, it was Ricardo Bandrés, Delegate of FAB in Malaga, who said that "we have to congratulate the CB Marbella for the step that gives and thank Parque Comercial La Cañada for the support it gives to base basketball. They will not regret it because it is a very ambitious project. "
During the event Maria Jesús Escabias, Manager of SportZone was also present, a brand that will dress all the teams of CB Marbella this season, who explained that "for us it is very important and at the same time, beautiful to be able to join this project."